Do you have a uniform policy?

Yes, there is a uniform for all students to follow. At WestEnd Performing Arts we have an in studio uniform shop that all uniform items can be purchased and ordered through. 

Does your school do exams?

Yes. We offer exams for ballet (AICD), Tap (SFD) and Acrobatics (Acrobatic Arts). Exams are not compulsory. Students and parents always have the option and your childs classroom teacher will advice if they believe your child is ready for their particular exam. 

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes we certainly do! Follow the below link to find out more. 

Do you compete in competitions?

Our performance troupes do compete in competitions throughout the year. To compete at competitions you must either be apart of the performance troupes or be a WEPA soloist. For more information on this, please follow the below link.

What if my child misses a class?

If a student misses a class, they are welcome to come to any other timetabled class in their age group as a make up lesson. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time - please let us know in advance where possible. 

Do you have an end of year concert?

Yes! Each year WestEnd Performing Arts holds an annual concert which all students are invited to be a part of (excluding Wiggle & Giggle Students). Our end of year concert is a wonderful way to showcase to friends and family everything the students have achieved in the year.


Can parents watch classes?

To ensure optimum focus for all students class, we do not allow parents inside the classrooms (excluding extenuating circumstances that have been pre-discussed). We do however have viewing windows into all classes which parents are more than welcome to utilise. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we have a number of payment options available depending on your circumstances. All payment arrangements must be discussed and finalised in writing to our email address. For more information on this please email us at or speak to one of our staff at reception when you are next in. 

What are the expectations of the students?

We understand that no two students are alike, In order for us to support and nurture this, we ask that all students conduct themselves in a respectful manner towards themselves, their peers and their teachers. We do not expect perfection, but we do expect 100% effort.

What time should my child arrive at class?

We find arrive 10-15 mins before classes where possible is optimal for both your child and other peers. This time allows them to go to the bathroom, ensure they have a drink bottle for class, catch up with friends before class and go over anything with their peers before entering the classroom. When this can be followed, we find that the classes run smoother and teachers can get through more with the students.